Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Year of the Metal Ox

Happy New Year! I am told that this year, 2009, is the year of the Ox. Having been born in 1961, I am an Ox in the Chinese Zodiac...this is MY year! I started working with Pamela Ticoulat, a dear friend and Feng Shui expert, several months ago. She helped with the design of Samadhi Life's office space and conference center. There were many "fixes" or cures that we did to ensure our company's success, and to create a beautiful and inspired place of work.

These cures came in the form of ceremony, prayer, intention, ritual and applying physical elements to move the energy and to create sacred space. Well, our physical space is complete, our web site is now launched (, and we have a new year. When I thought about the year of the Ox, I was excited about the prospects and held the impression that "everything would go my way" and this is "my year", general thoughts of relief. 

When sharing this with Pamela she explained that coming into my year on the 12-year cycle of the Chinese Zodiac, doesn't actually mean it will be smooth sailing. My first thought was, "oh no, I don't want to go through another year like last year!" She further explained that when we enter into our own year it means this is a year of intensity. Great. I thought that was last year when I was breathing life into Samadhi Life...that was undeniably a year of intensity. So I sat with this and started to realize I don't need to panic about this. I needed to realize that I have a huge responsibility to choose to think powerful thoughts, to choose to create powerful actions and to choose to set powerful intention, for myself, for my family, for my company, and for all my relations. And since the intensity of the Year of the Ox is here for me, I choose Living Inspired.

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