Thursday, February 19, 2009

Every Action Creates an Impact

I truly believe in the concept that every thought, action, or reaction creates an impact.  An impact not only to our individual self, but to those around us, and extending out to the universe.  When I started Samadhi Life the vision of the pebble being dropped in a placid pool of water radiates the waves outward in a concentric motion. 

So, with that in mind, I started to contemplate what do I want to create in the world.  What wave or motion, or energy for that matter, do I want to affect in my life.  What came to me was "living inspired".  Choosing to live inspired has become my mantra of sorts.  It allows me to make choices in the moment of what I want to create in the world...sounds simple, but at times it is really challenging.  Say for instance, your teenager is screaming at you because she's had a bad day and she doesn't want to get off the computer after hours on MySpace.  I have a choice here.  I could scream back.  I could ignore her.  I could send her love and appreciation.  I could send her to her room.  I could ask her what's going on for her.  It is all about choice.  Here's to Choosing Living Inspired! 

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Icasiana Barrs said...

Awesome post icasiana! Love it. You impact all of us at the office everyday! LOVE IT.