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Italy 1 Damanhur – City of Light – October 2-10, 2006

Dear Family and Friends,
We leave Italy today on our way to Spain. We will be in Spain for 30 days and then return to England for the return flight back to New York on December 10th. Oh my goodness, we are seeing the end of our trip now. To get to our most up to date info go to our blog site at: or check our web site at: In the next blog we’ll fill you in on our jaunt through Italy, to Rome, Florence, Siena, Venice, and Assisi; and our meeting with the grandson of Viktor Schauberger, Joerg.

Imagine what could happen if a man remembered all of his lives, past and future. How might he live if he were among us? What might this man choose to do with his life to make it special? What might this man do to make an impact in the world? What tools might he have at his disposal if he remembered technologies from the distant past that had been lost to us through time, like the library at Alexandria? What knowledge of tools might he have if he could remember the future capacities that man will develop in time? What could someone do if they had this kind of memory, knowledge and vision? Would they be recognized as a genius, or would they be ridiculed and dismissed?
What if this person were to have the memory of a future where life on the planet as we know it ended? This could not be just any ordinary man from that other time for he must have had a vision that could not come to fruition in that time. Yet the course of history had been written, and humanity had destroyed itself, a destruction that caused the planet to be uninhabitable. What could he do with his vision, knowledge and desire? What might he do if he were able to come back in time in order to change the course of history?
What if he chose to come and live in the past, before a certain bifurcation point, and attempt to change the course of history this way? How might he do that? What would be the way to change the course of history? Would it be to build a community that could forge a different way? And what kind of community could be created that could realize this dream and avert a future of destruction as he remembers? What kind of society would one create if it meant creating a world that we could continue to live in? Where would it start and how would it be structured?
And this man knew that the path for the individual is searching for one’s own inner divine self. He believed that humans could become masters of their own destiny, so he started by teaching spiritual principles and attracted people who wanted to be a part of his research and vision. These people would have to be willing to work together to create a living sustainable society, where there would be beauty, prosperity, peace, and harmony. And it would all have to be centered upon spiritual values. It would be a community that would champion renewable energies, organic foods, and a respect for the natural ecosystems of life, with an understanding that the world was not made only for human beings, but for animals, plants, and all other forms of life that have the right to exist. With this understanding then, create a community that will live and create harmonious relationships and honorable interactions with all living beings, in this world and beyond.
The people who would come would have to be very determined and fiercely loyal. They would be regular people but with a sincere passion to serve a larger vision. They would have to embrace working on their own healing, but submit their will to the good of the community. It would demand a tremendous capacity to work, long and sustained hours to build and create a vision so demanding and huge. These people would start out as normal but they would become special by working so hard for a vision they would come to believe in.
The community would have to create businesses in order to sustain itself economically. Yes, let this community develop sound economic systems, businesses that can offer services and products to the local communities. And let them develop a viable currency to further define their sovereignty and create prosperity for the communities, not the banks.
It would have to create an infrastructure based on ecological principles, and it would be a community that would interact with the outside world and not be isolated like many previous communities had practiced. It would have to create a school to teach its own people about advanced principles of healing and about life, and it would have to create a university to teach people from the world who would want to learn about what was behind the creation of this astonishing temple and the community that could build it. And of course, it would have a school for its own children based upon these same principles.
This community could become an example to the world of what is possible and maybe it could become the seed to inspire others to shift the course of future history.

What would happen if people who were inspired by this man’s vision came together and believed his story and wanted to be a part of it? What could they do if they were gripped by the same urgency he felt and were willing to work together to make his vision a reality on this earth?
How would they do it? Where would they start? What would a community look like who would attempt something like this? Would they start with creating rituals throughout the year that tied them into the seasons and bound them to each other, events that would ignite and awaken them? Or would they start with living in households and learning how to get along while they managed the day to day chores? In this way they would mirror for each other the aspects of their personalities that needed integration and healing. Maybe they would start by studying spiritual principles and how to apply them to their daily life? Maybe the man of vision who remembered would search the earth to find a certain place that would be special enough for his experiment and research? Some place that he could tap into special energies of the earth, certain frequencies of consciousness that would assist the people in waking up and communicating with other beings of this earth and beyond. Maybe he would find a place that was so unique that it would have similarities to the sacred city of Tibet, Lhasa. Then he would instruct his people, who had not been trained to build, to undertake the building of an underground temple that would be built by hand. Why underground? Because that is where the 4 specific energy lines of communication flowed into the area from around the world, the only other place in the world like it that shares these 4 synchronic lines flowing together is the aforementioned Lhasa. This temple would come to be called the 8th wonder of the world. Yes a wondrous temple, a temple that could be a vehicle to continue advanced research in these principles to be lived in action. A temple so rich in beauty, so large in the breadth of its wisdom transmitted. Let the temple be filled with the history of mankind to remind the people of man’s history so as to remember and not forget how the path had been trodden so they could remember what had already occurred and what was at stake now.
And let this temple be filled with art of the most magnificent splendor, exquisite works of beauty, and stained glass mosaics depicting the great civilizations of history. And let it illustrate for people to see the great spiritual masters of history who have been revered and followed in their time and beyond, and whose connection to spirit still reverberates today. Let these giants of spirit adorn the halls of one of the temples to help us remember the many valid paths toward spiritual enlightenment.
Let this temple be a place where research into esoteric physics can be carried out, where research in time travel can be carried out, to explore and help us retrieve our historic knowledge and wisdom. Let the temple be a place where ritual and ceremony can be conducted to help the people remember their path and celebrate it with joy. Let this temple be called the Temple of Humankind. And let “The Temples of Humankind be a planetary antenna through which . . . the doors of space and time are opened.”* And this will be especially so at the seasonal equinoxes and solstices.
And let us build an outdoor temple with an amphitheatre to witness the rituals that connect us with the cycles of nature. And let the people study how to receive guidance from the spirit world, akin to the oracles of ancient Greece of Delphi.
And let us set aside an area of the forest to acknowledge our special relationship with the plant, animal and spirits of nature. This area will be known as sacred and must be entered in a holy way so we can develop these special relationships that otherwise would be as they are in so many places in the world today, places devoid of the nature spirits who have moved away because they are not respected and honored.
Let this community create together, live together, create ritual together, play the game of life together and raise the vibration and frequency of the planet.

Imagined, Now Real – This Place is Called Damanhur
After 30 years all of this has been done. This has come true at Damanhur, in Northern Italy. The man of vision is called Falco (Falcon) and he is the leader of this amazing community. The fulfillment of his vision and the manifestation of many dreams continue as people work together and develop their own visions. They work incredibly long hours, sustaining an intensity that is a marvel. A vacation is an odd concept as they continue pushing on—building and creating masterpieces of artwork in varied mediums, continuing the work on the temple (that is only 12% completed at this time), meeting weekly to learn about esoteric physics (a study that is far more advanced than quantum physics). The living in community and growing in community continues to expand. They live together in houses of 10-24 people and share the chores and expenses. Others chose to live outside of these homes called nucleos as they may live with their own family or as individuals…the choice is theirs. Things constantly change as experiments unfold and adjustments are made over and over. Research is continuing all the time and their life is rich in spirit, hard in work, and strong in purpose.
Damanhur is not isolated, they are very active with the global world as well as in the local community: Damanhur cooperates with communities all over the world through an organization called GEN (Global Eco-Villages Network) to share the uniqueness of their visions for creating a better world by pioneering a new society. They have become active in local politics, even forming their own political party. They formed a Red Cross and firefighter volunteer group to assist the local community and they formed a volunteer group to assist communities around the world who have been besieged by natural disasters.

Our Family Arrives into this Mysterious and Astonishing Community We came into this magical yet grounded and unique community as a family. I was returning for the second time after 5 years, the rest of our family was coming for the first time. The amphitheater was fully finished now, and they had acquired the old Olivetti typewriter factory and converted it into a multipurpose facility in a very short time of six months. It now houses part of their school, a health food store (where they sell many of their own organic farming products) and cafe, a museum of their history, art studios, an art gallery of Falco’s selfica paintings, meeting rooms, and a place to buy selfica jewelry, books, clothes and other products created by their citizens.
I wanted to say a little bit about the selfica. First of all, selfica is an ancient science and art first practiced in Atlantis. It is based on the basic form of life, the spiral. The largest application of selfica on the planet is actually built within the temples of humankind and is used to amplify and direct the energies within the temple. Selfica are also used in jewelry and in the paintings that Falco creates. These paintings are displayed at the art gallery in the Damanhur Crea building. They are said to promote dreams and provoke deep visceral responses because of the intelligent beings they are. As Falco says about them, the paintings “are prepared with appropriate alchemical substances.”
When I went into the gallery of Falco’s selfica paintings I remembered a profound experience I had 5 years ago. I had stood amidst the paintings and had felt wings in the back of my body, and felt the sensations of these wings being touched. I had felt an interaction with the entities of the selfica. In seeing them this time, I did not feel wings this time, but I did feel them as alive. They are described as living beings and I have experienced them that way. I am still very moved by seeing his paintings of today.
They also create selfica jewelry. Kate had interviewed one of the makers of the jewelry at Damanhur, Suricato, and she wrote this about it, “Selfic is a technology that is very old which Falco brought to Damanhur. The beginning of this technology started in Atlantis, and then moved to the ancient Egyptians, which then moved on to the Arabic, and then to the Celtics. In order to make Selfic jewelry, you have to use the materials that conduct energy; the materials that you are able to use are gold, silver, brass, and copper.
In order to make the jewelry you have to mix whatever material you want with the Selfica to create the structure that is possible to recall intelligent energy. The main form is a spiral; the structure is based on this spiral form because it is the form of life. Each different form has a specific kind of energy and function. The form and the structure of the jewelry create the positive or correct energy to be received into the body.”

The Kids – Spreading Their Wings
A wonderful thing happened as our time approached to leave Damanhur. Matt said he wanted to stay at Damanhur instead of traveling through the rest of Italy with us. Soon after that Kate joined Matt in expressing her desire to stay behind as well. At first we were unsure; would our 12 and 13 year old kids be okay with being away from us for 20 days? And were we okay with what might happen with them? As we considered this request of theirs we realized the gift this would be for them, and for us. We had been staying at the home of an American woman, Joan, she is the amazing one who befriended us and offered to take care of the kids while we continued our journey through Italy. Their decision to stay at Damanhur signaled a big shift for them. They had been traumatized by the slow death of their father 2 ½ years before and their hearts had been closed to things of a spiritual nature, but we saw them begin to flourish in this community. The healing that comes from the opening of the heart cannot be measured, but it can surely be felt. When we checked in with them as we continued our journey, not only were they okay with staying at Damanhur, but they were thriving in such a beautiful way, which has been very gratifying for us to witness the spreading of their wings.
We all feel deeply touched and transformed by the time we have spent at Damanhur and with the amazing people of Damanhur. We were able to participate in a few of the rituals and to be a part of the alchemical process. We feel aligned with the spiritual principles and each one of us has committed to be points of light around the world as Damanhurian Spiritual People.
We encourage you to find out more about Damanhur and the important work they are doing. They have recently published a phenomenal book with spectacular pictures of the temples of humankind. The book was made possible by the help of our friends Michael Honack and Wendy Grace. It should be available on their web site.
Look at the Damanhur web site at:

*(As described in the Damanhur Guide, written by Adam and Gabrielle Dejamour).

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